Looking for a desktop atx case that will take full hieght graphics cards like 8800 gts 640mb

    looking for a desktop case that fits a full standard atx board ga p35 s3g and a full height fat card like the nvidia 8800 gts 640mb made by bfg, and a standard atx power supply.

    it has to be desktop so i can fit it under my desk. becasue

    i have shelf on top that has speakers
    main desk got 2 monitors and remaining speakers
    left hand shelf got my sub woofer and is small space
    right hand side had my tower unit
    and i have space on the floor where i can put a desktop atx care that will fit he above spec


    Coolermaster Stackers

    not seen any coolermaster desktops, so not sure if they do one, try silverstone for performance ones, but not cheap, expand your search to include the newer phrase of htpc case, will give you more options

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    think ave just found something



    that anygood to you?

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    Item number: 280291334675
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