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    Hi, looking for a desktop pc, I saw one in PCW lat week Packard Bell Imedia 2415 with 20" monitor for £499 Intel Quad Core, with 500gb hard drive, also seen HP Touchsmart 790 @ £699. Does any recommend any of these or do you think I should have a good look around. Or what do you suggest, I only need a PC for the internet and spreadsheets, last desktop just stop working and wont go on, had the fan replaced last month. Had this for 5 years, So does not have to be the best. Would spend up to £700 max. Any ideas or what about this…-tv


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    Welcome to hukd btw!

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    i have a new dell sc440 effectively converted from its server origins to a desktop. it wont fit in the only space i had for it in my tiny flat so it is just sitting unused and needing a home. if you are interested let me know and i can give you all the specs etc.... (about £200 )

    cheers, dan

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    Thanks for the replies, I saw a deal for this…-tv is this a good deal, any more comments please would be appreciated.


    Thanks for the replies, I saw a deal for this … Thanks for the replies, I saw a deal for this is this a good deal, any more comments please would be appreciated.

    Generally you can buy cheaper direct from Dell than through PC World, Tescos etc.

    (Not sure in this case I have not compared price / spec, that is a general observation).

    Note, the Dell you have linked to on the PC world site does have a slimline case which may cause upgrade problems in the future (the "s" after the 530 denotes slimline)

    Also I would not go for a Packard Bell make as they are a PC World only brand and you have no idea how they compare price / spec and quality wise with other brands as they dont compete on the open market like Dell, HP etc. They have had a quality issues in the past.

    How about this Dell…dhs

    Make no changes and take it through to the basket, and it comes to £399.01 including delivery.

    Case is "normal size" (rather than slimline)
    It is an Intel E4600 CPU (better than the E2180 on the PC world web site)
    2Gb of memory
    250Gb hard drive (bigger than the 160Gb on the PC world Web site)
    19" monitor
    GMA 3100 graphics (better than the 3000 on the PC World web site)
    Vista Home Premium

    The rest seems to be the same as the Dell on PC World.

    Seems a better PC for £400 than the one on the PC World web site.

    Note you can upgrade the monitor to a 22" for £60, and add speakers if you want (or use the ones you already have).

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    So Dell is much better for the PC and best go direct to them?

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    Sorry posted last comment just before you sent yours sorry


    Sorry posted last comment just before you sent yours sorry

    If you make a mistake on a append just go back and press "Edit" and you can change it, no need to add another append.


    This Mesh is packed with top goodies for only £499, you can add to it and make it quite a fantastic PC for the price.…215

    Don't expect customer service from Mesh......they are appalling. (In my experience).

    Can't best the Dell quad offer at Tesco right now for value.
    If you want quality self-build is the way to go.


    What do you think of HP … What do you think of HP

    The HP has an AMD CPU rather than an Intel. Not sure how the performance of the 2 compare but Intel Core 2 Duo are the best CPUs around at the moment.

    The HP has 3Gb of memory rather than 2Gb (although most ordinairy users will probably not use more than 2Gb - but you could allocate some to the graphics)

    Also a 320Gb hard drive rather than 250Gb.

    It costs £325 but does not include a monitor so you have to factor in the cost of that (say £100 to £150 depending on size, quality etc)

    HP are a good make, but I have no experience of their PCs. Its up to you if you go for a HP or the Dell.
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