Looking for a dictaphone

    hey guys i have three request which i hope you guys will be able to help me with, I am looking for a dictaphone and as i dont know much about dictaphones, like which ones to avoid or which ones are good or what to look for, any good deals going about? so if any one has any advice or experience with these id apreciate to hear from you and will rep, thanks in advance.

    also i have some old audio cassettes with some recordings which i need to transfer over to pc so whats the best way to go about this? what would i need?

    and finally anyone use any sort of audio editing software where you can get rid of background noise? if yes what would you reccomend? id prefer something which is quite easy to use please

    Thankyou in advance n il rep those who kind enough to help ::D


    you could ask gb1 to phone he's a di----- oh sorry just read

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    "can i use your dictaphone please?"
    "No! use yer finger like everyone else!"

    (C) B.Monkhouse 1972

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    * gives a bunch of bananas to radishnet*

    why cant you just use your phone to record ?

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    quality on my phone is not so good, very disapointing actually but would have used my phone, which is why im considering buying a dictaphone which i can use in the future too. i have been looking at some mp3 players which allow you to record audio too, but im not sure how good the quality would be.

    i have a dell wireles pda it has a voice recorder as well as all the useual organisng tools…214

    reduced the price to £25 but was over 300 new
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