Looking for a digi Camera around 130-140 mark

Whats the best out there?

was looking at a panasonic TZ3 is that any good?

needs to have a resonable zoom and be rechargeable with a large screen


yes i'm sure thats the same as my brothers, and its a very good camera. I recommended the TZ5 the my friend the other week and she loves that too. Good range of cameras the TZ's


Would be in your price zone. I personally havent used the site. If you go to the trusted reviews review of this camera then there's a link to this site though. Definately email them first but worth a look in.

Here's the review: trustedreviews.com/dig…/p1

I like the camera, it probably does just enough really. Newer cameras aren't advancing that much further for the 'standard' photographers in us!

I am on my 3rd Canon Ixus . Love them for quality and size.
I bought my last one from here :-

Excellent service.

Hope this is a help.

I have an Ixus 60. Absolutely love it! Perfect classy shape and size. And the photo quality is great. And it's fantastic fooling people with the stitch assist option! Get great photos of football stadiums! Anyway, going to keep waiting for the Ixus IS range to come down to my price zone So look out for the Ixus range for definate. If you are a user of ebay then there are good deals but possibly avoid refurbs? Depends how you feel about refurbs.

If you're looking at the TZ3, then I can highly recommend the TZ5 if your budget can be stretched a little. I bought one off ebay for about £160 including shipping and am very impressed with it.
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