Looking for a digital camera

    My old one has just died so I am looking for a new one, looking to spend up to £50 and would like at least 4-5m pixels also some sort of zoom.


    try your local Asda store the mormaly have a few offers on:thumbsup:

    superdrug 5 megapixel 39.99



    superdrug 5 megapixel 39.99

    You can get 10% off that price online, code is till0507…g-w

    But theres a fuji 6.3mp here for under £50…ner

    where on the website is that camera?

    the superdrug one that is

    its not on the site, its in store

    Go for the Fuji, is the Superdrug one Vivitar? - If so it won't be as good as Fuji regardless of how many megapixels it's got the lens will let it down.

    For £50 that Fuji will be a little gem and has the benefits of being SD & card compatible so very cheap to buy cards for.

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    No stock on the Fuji, that is almost the same as my old apart from its 6m pixels not 3, so I know they are good.

    Might be an idea to have a look here :…php

    Fuji refurbished cameras have a good reputation.
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