Looking for a Divx DVD player

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Found 19th Apr 2009
Not just any mind,im after one that can connect with HDMI and upscales to like 1080i and that is a good picture. (my DVD player currently has jagged edges so i need a much better picture)
Will connect my surround sound too it (surround sound has front left,right,back left & right and centre connections,not sure what thats called as im new to surround sounds)
Has a USB port so i connect my 2.5 external 40gb hard drive to it,probably best that it has a website to download firmware updates from when new versions of divx codecs come out too as i have a Sigmatek one at the moment and there isnt updates for it anymore.
Hoping to pay upto £50 at the most,that Sigmatek one i bought cost i think £45 with delivery a couple years ago now

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check this i got one similar in store bit cheaper but i got a player for bout 40quid but it was on offer at the time
if i can fnd the link where i got mine i'll post it for ya

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I watched a DVD earlier and it had very jaggered edges on people on the film,thats why i have been searching for a new one,now the picture seems fine,no jaggered edges,bloody pain in **** dvd player lol so i dont think i will need to buy a new dvd player,for now anyways
Thanks for your help anyways nitelighter :thumbsup:

no probs mate

thats the one i got and its briliant!! big pockets lol clever pockets
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