Looking for a drinking fountain for cats

I would need for my cat a drinking fountain. She doesn't drink very much and I hope I can help her a bit to prevent problems caused by dehydration.
Maybe someone has a good one which you can recommend.

Thank you for your help!


Leave the toilet seat up.


Have seen a few in pets at home but they are quite expensive ......... … Have seen a few in pets at home but they are quite expensive ......... http://www.petsathome.com/find/category-is-1+cat/category-is-1d+feeding/category-is-1d02+bowls/product-is-68708http://www.petsathome.com/find/category-is-1+cat/category-is-1d+feeding/category-is-1d02+bowls/product-is-20308

we had one of these i found them not that good always having to change filter because it got clogged up with cats hair and bits an bobs only lasted about 15 months we paid about £25 from a pet shop down lakeside and it makes hell of noise when filter gets blocked or water gets low

Put bottled water in her water dish, my 5 cats love it but won't touch tap water unless its coming out the bath tap!!!

Our cat drinks much more now that I have a large silver bowl away from his food and fill it with filtered water - he was not impressed with the water fountain we got for him. I read somewhere that cats like to see their reflection and also like their water away from their food - it seems to work

Sorry, couldn't resist this -

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