Looking for a Dyson V6 Absolute or Animal in the Black friday sales please??

Found 22nd Nov 2016
Hi all, the missus is desperate for a Dyson and has decided on either a Dyson V6 Absolute or Animal model, the prices are coming down for these because the V8 model is now out so if anyone sees any deals, discounts or good cashback for the V6 then please let me know, I would really like to get one for under £200. I should add we want a new one, not a refurb please.

Many thanks in advance
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if I see anything I will let you know asap and good luck

The v6 total clean is available from currys for £229.

Benefit being it includes both the brush and fluffy head.
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My refub from Dyson Outlet was brand new the V6 Absolute is £215.99, 2,027 sold.
I'm looking for the v8 is the sale. hopefully drops below 300 fingers crossed
Thanks everyone for great replies, hellofriday if I see the V8 on offer anywhere I'll let you know!
Absolutes are out of stock on the dyson outlet. I really like mine and would definitely recommend.
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