Looking for a electric blue / teal rug

    I was wondering if anyone knows of some good rug sites? we would like to get an electric blue rug and the closet this we have found is this from NEXT:
    [See Below]

    It is not perfect (I would prefer brighter) and the size we want is £220! is there anywhere else which would be worth looking? I have tried the usual Google searches.

    Thanks very much...



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    Not sure why that doesn't work in my original post...

    Probably not large enough for you, but here's one at Amazon;…-68

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    Your right about the size but I didn't think of looking on Amazon - I'll check out the rest of the site tonight. Thanks Luckymummy...

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    Thanks for the link to the site! I have found an even better one on there. I think I am going to get this one...


    Thanks again
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