looking for a fanless pc, sata3 usb3 must be below 15tdp

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Found 21st Jul 2014
looking for a fanless pc, sata3 usb3 must be below 15tdp


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FitPC 4 value? Specs say the barebones unit consumes 11W so with low power memory and a low power SSD you may squeek in under 15W. That is an external power supply though, so if that needs to be taken into account to you'll need something lower power.

I think you'll struggle to get a complete PC running under 15W, most of the stuff sold at that wattage seems to be either boards or barebones.

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meant to say processor below 15TDP sorry
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Any particular reason why? It seems an odd requirement to make on the CPU.

QuietPC offer a variety of fanless desktops, they mostly use desktop processors over your desired TDP but their UltraNUC uses low power mobile processors with a TDP of 15W (although you'll likely have to disable turbo on the i5 to actually stay under that).

Those are all built from off the shelf components though, so you could also put together one yourself. I haven't really looked but I guess the Intel NUC motherboards are a good starting point as they have the desired processors and there are several companies making fanless cases for them now. For a full PC I'd steer clear of it unless you were willing to tinker but for a NUC with only a limited selection of hardware and very low power processors it's likely to be much easier to get something fanless that works well.

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Ended up getting DS437T, bought it off some german site for considerably less than uk price
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