Looking for a fast torrenz

    best download site for torrenz...a really fast service





    Search multiple torrent sites at:-


    Torrents aren't really that fast no matter where you get them from. If you want fast use newsgroups, will max out your connection easily, no uploading and a small increase in lag so you can still play your online games (if you do)

    Newsgroups are ideal, you can get free ones although some will cost a minimal amount, I always liked mininova or isohunt.


    Torrents aren't really that fast no matter where you get them from.

    Not true just depends on where you get the torrents from.
    I always max out especially if i use a private site but normally max out using the open sites posted on this tread but sometimes takes a little longer to get going but normally never any problems and i dont have to consider paying newsgroups for the option.
    Most people stuggle with speed issues mainly down to firewalls and routers not allowing the traffic through.

    try really fast speeds and for a little cost (no uploading)

    like wagster says for torrents depends where you go and seeders and leechers try if you can get an invite try massave site and really fast download speeds i alwaws get max speeds of thise sites and i am on a 5mb line my friend is on a 16mb line and still max for him

    hope this helps chris

    bridtown - any chance you could PM me a torrentleech invite? Pretty please...I'm desperately missing Demonoid and have found nothing else that quite matches what it used to offer.


    Yeah I wouldn't mind a Torrentleech invite actually as losing demoniod has left a big gap!

    So if anyone has one to spare I would love it in a PM, Thanks in advance!

    Torrentleech aren't doing invites for the foreseable future.
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