Looking for a Folding bike pls..

    Looking for Folding Bike and the cheapest I could find is £110 delivered……956

    Do u guys know how good this one is or any better deals ?


    Bikes are funny things where money is concerned. Taken in isolation, I know this forum - and indeed the entire site - is based around getting a bargain, BUT there's a rub where bikes are concerned.

    As a one-off purchase, all other things being equal, getting something for the cheapest price possible is a normal goal. However, where bikes are concerned, you have to consider the future. Plenty of people decide to buy a bike, having not had one for years, and have the perspective "I just want something cheap, so that if I don't take to it, I haven't wasted much money" or perhaps simply "I don't want to spend much". But it's almost a self-fulfilling prophecy.

    Cheap bikes tend to be any and many of: heavy, poorly constructed, poorly put together, awful quality components, slow (mainly because of weight, but quality of components comes into play), unreliable, and go wrong quickly or become liabilities.

    And as a result of that, people buy them cheap, find them awful, then don't use 'em - as I said, almost a self-fulfilling prophecy. I guess what I'm trying to say, in a waffly, long-winded ;-) way is that the cheapest isn't necessarily what you want, here.

    Folding bikes are actually more of a concern at the bottom end of the range - because they are already a design compromise compared with normal bikes. Now I'm no expert where folding bikes are concerned, but Brompton have a good reputation for folding bikes - but then, that doesn't really come cheap. At a guess, if you wanted a half-decent folding bike, that wouldn't be truly awful given some use, I'd suggest your budget wants to be about double what this one costs - which is quite modest when you see how much half-decent folders can cost.

    Apologies if I'm doing the whole teaching, eggs and grandmama thing, but sometimes less isn't always more when it comes to buying bikes - because you have to consider what happens when you use them, and whether buying in at the bargain basement may not simply be a discouraging factor over time.

    What I would say is that if you are looking for a folding bike, and intend to make regular and reasonably long-term use of it, get a Brompton, or something of similar quality. And if you are planning on taking it on public transport, you may need a canvas (or similar) type bag for it.

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    Fantastic write-up & suggestions; thanks Lester Burnham

    Studying the idea of using a folding bike hence reluctant to invest heavily..


    Studying the idea of using a folding bike hence reluctant to invest … Studying the idea of using a folding bike hence reluctant to invest heavily..

    Well if you are in any way handy, mechanically, with doing things on bikes, you could consider a 2nd hand Brompton.

    That said, I don't know whether they appear much on, say, ebay - at a guess I'd wonder whether they tend to be the once-bought-forever-kept type things.

    As a keen cyclist of many years, I must confess I don't have much experience of folders, other than to say that whenever I see them being discussed in cycling fora, Brompton always appears to be the encumbent.

    I don't want to appear as advertising them, though - I'm not connected in any way to the company, nor have anything to gain by recommending them. And as I said, in absolute fairness, I've no experience of actually using them (folding bikes, that is), I'm merely suggesting the make that seems to be considered favourably.

    Good luck with whatever you find / choose.

    [QUOTE=Bertt]It's worth saying that there are some rideable folding bikes at the lower end of the market:…ID=

    link seems a bit suspect - search on the site for

    Universal Stowaway Folding Bike - £99.99 delivered...

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    Thanks Lester for the advise & Bertt for the link.. much appreciated
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