Looking for a game to buy for my PS3 or 360 thats similar to GTA

Could you guys give me some ideas and suggestions!

I was actually so bored I went out and bought a copy of GTA 4 for my xbox 360 even though I already own it for my ps3

Thanks for any input.


Well Red Dead Redemption is incredibly similar in all but setting. It's basically GTA with cowboys. Don't forget the GTA4 add-on too, with The Lost and Damned/Ballad of Gay Tony (well, not technically an add-on since it doesn't require the original game).

Oh and of course the Saints Row games. The second one is far superior though, and I personally enjoyed Saints Row 2 far more than I did GTA4.


or crackdown 2

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I may consider buying Red Dead Redemption this is one of the games on my must buy list. As for the Lost and Dammed/Ballad of Gay Tony eps I downloaded them from the PSN store a while back.

Any other suggestions you guys? And also do any of you guys have any info on a new GTA game in the pipeline?

Just Cause 2, There is a very big demo of it on the PSN Store, quite fun using helicopters and tanks and blowing stuff up etc. GTA4 is the best though.

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Where are the cheapest places to buy - RDR, Just cause 2, and Crackdown 2???

Red Dead is my GOTY so far. Should really sell it but I enjoyed it so much that I fear I may regret it.

Read Dead has got 1 free dlc and 4 new paid ones coming up including everyone's fave thing Zombies.
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