looking for a good bike , £150 max to spend

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Found 27th Jul 2009
i'm looking for the best bike i can find for £150. I'd like front sus and a disk brake IF POSS. Needs 26" wheels

i know it's difficult for the price but i've searched everywhere and cannot find what i'm after


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you should look at second hand, or save up more money. Anything new at that price will be disappointing.

]Reebok Core £140 delivered (only 2 left in stock)

Entry level bike with a lot of bang for your buck.

- 18" Alu frame (20" is out of stock, again)
- 26" Alu wheels with quick release in the front
- Shimano Speed gears with Rotational Shifters
- Mechanical front disk break and V-break at the rear
- front suspension


I own a ]Reebok Zone myself, hence can say from practical experience, these are pretty good for the money.
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