Looking for a good cashback mobile deal..

    The wifes contract on o2 is ending very soon and I really want to move as they dont seem too keen on offering good deals.
    Would like something in the region of 300/300 mins/text as a minimum.

    And a girly type mobile. If the deal happens to be on o2 then phone isnt too important as I would sell it and she would keep her own phone.

    I have been looking at the phones4u 100% cashback deals, with u600 phone, but not entirely sure how it works.

    Any help appreciated.


    By the looks of that deal you pay the £40/month then on the 6/8/10/12 bills you send them to them with a form and they will send you a cheque back for the value of 1/4 of the full amount each time. If you are going to do a cashback stick with a decent company like phones4u. A lot of the other ones are being incredibly dodgy now!

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    So phones4u should be fine?

    Dont want to get robbed of my cashback


    I am now on my second phone with cashback from CPW, i have not had any worries with any of the claims, the last claim for the last phone i thought i wouldnt get cause my last bill was for one day less (ended contract a day early) but low and behold it still came through, my first year worked out free, i got every penny back, this new one is on a £4-99 a month deal, sent in my first claim 3 weeks ago and have just received the cashback. ALways send in your claims on time and when it says too :thumbsup:

    phonebox direct via quidco do some crackin deals with vodafone, me and wifey are with them both on 500 mins 250 texts £35 a month 12 months free, not had any problems so far, fingers crossed. A proper girly phone is the x830 in pink, she loves it. with u username like bluearmy im here 2 help, if its leicester your talkin about?

    hey blue when did you receive your first bill from vodaphone?

    i been with them just over a month now but not had a bill

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    gonna do a bit more digging I think.

    and ,no, its not leicester, Its Manchester!!!!

    pff...... well done with the score today

    we woz conected on the 5th of march didnt get first bill from vodafone till late april, so it woz quite a big 1, £66 i think but for nearly 2 months. Vodafone passport is great as well if your planning 2 go abroad. bluearmy can we have Dickov bak i no it sounds desperate, but we are!:-D

    Mobile Affiliate seem to be having money problems, they own Phonebox and Coolnewmobile. Been phoning people up asking if they would rather have a phone than cashback and have been lying to people saying they haven't sent in all the paperwork which they have Hope everything turns out alright for you guys, I'm on coolnewmobile and sent in my 2nd cashback last week, fingers crossed!

    ugh im with phoneboxdirect my first claim is only due in november though

    but i see it like this if i get my cashback its a bonus if not ive not lost much except P&P as i would have got the same contract direct from the network

    same here Dhaos, got 1 claim ok sending for my second in a few weeks, heres hoping! still a good deal tho.
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