Looking for a good chair - PC gaming

    Looking for a decent chair around £100. Red, Green, Black or Blue are ok.


    I have just been browsing them on Tesco Direct. The cheapest is £119.99 if that helps any...…879

    LPT: If an ordinary product is marketed for 'gaming', it'll probably be gimmicky and crap. Look for a chair built for comfort instead.

    Personally, I sit in a fairly decent quality office chair with a mesh back and recessable arm rests. I think I bought it from Staples, after a sit-test. I'd advise you decide on the features you want, and try a few chairs before you pick the one you go with. You'll be sitting in it for years, so don't be afraid to go over-budget.

    Ikea has one of the most comfortable chairs in the market. I had the similar from jysk but it wasn't worth the money and it was tilted to the side…52/
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