Looking for a good cheap car and driving experience

    I'm finishing university soon and have was looking to get a good cheap car to drive (since I'll probably end up with a knock or two on it). I've my driving licence but I haven't drove in 3 years or so and was also wondering if you guys had any advice on getting experience again, was thinking a few driving lessons or an advanced driving course.
    Thanks guys


    Pass plus course, reduces your premiums.
    Check out the best cars for insurance cost as a 'new' driver...
    The MSE website takes you through how to reduce your cost.

    Get a car basic spec, Avoid things like electric windows etc.. Less to go wrong, Along with anything French or Italian.

    Ford Fiesta, VW Polo, Vauxhal Corsa etc would be good basic cars with least headaches and cheap parts.

    I'm an ex driving instructor. just ask any instructor for a couple of lessons inc motorway/night driving if that's possible. again as Henvig said the pass plus course is well worth taking. ... agree with ford fiesta as parts are common and cheap and this will also benefit your insurance.
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