Looking for a good deal on a childs bed rail.

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Found 12th Jan 2009
Hi, I'm looking for a bed rail for my daughters cot bed as she keeps falling out prefferably pink but would consider any colour, seen one on the IKEA website but its unavailable online and there isnt a branch near me, so any help would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


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Picture of the one from ]Ikea to help give an idea of the type you would like :
http://www.ikea.com/PIAimages/67198_PE180791_S4.jpg :thumbsup:

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Thanks Sigma :thumbsup:

be careful we had trouble as the first we got didnt fit the bed. The IKEA one attaches to the side but most go under the mattress and can go through the slats, or wont allow the mattress down as the hinge is in the way. The Tomy one fits most (the one comes in blue and pink) or the wooden mothercare. Hope you understand me ramblings!

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Yeah I get ya!

We had the same issue but in the end just survived the few weeks that it took for her to learn not to roll out! It seemed simpler in that we could go to grandparents houses without worrying once she was ok in a normal bed. Roll up an old duvet and put it on the floor to cushion the fall and then put them back in bed when you notice. It really only takes a few weeks!
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