Looking for a good deal on a cruise holiday

Found 28th Jul 2008
Saw something a while back, but can't find it on the search it was £299 for a cruise to egypt, can't remember the exact deal, or can anyone recommend a cruise that theyv been on preferably to egypt


hotukdeals.com/ite…ab/ is the cruise you're referring to.

I just got back from the week after this cruise (14-21 July) and I must say it is great value for money. I wouldn't pay any more then £299 and there were people on the boat that had paid £399 and were still happy.

What I must say is that you must still account for the price of water and alcohol and you must pay a compulsory 'tip' of £15 (the tour guide also says this tip isn't in his/her tip but it's up to you if you pay extra).

Also the cleaning mob do such an excellent job that you feel like giving them an extra fiver each.

booze is a killer and avoid their on-board wine at all cost.. cheap and nasty.. we got 3 bottles of off wines and they were very reluctant to change them..

Wine is £14 a bottles, Beers are £5 a can and water is about £1.30 for a 1.5 litre bottle.

You can get water off the boat for 25p then just fill up your bottle and bring it to the dinner table..

Excursions are optional extras and we found ourselves docked at either Aswan or Luxor for 4 of the nights. I'd almost suggest to get the optional extras from Thomas Cook is Luxor or Aswan as their often about 60% of the price.

It's a fantastic time and you'll get real down to earth people you wouldn't find on the snobby luxury cruises which is why I had such a good time.

Hope this helps.


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Thanks for the info. yes thats the deal i was looking for but double the price at the moment, thhanks for all the information and little tips, the cruise sounds really nice, but at peak season at the moment beyond my budget, will keep it in mind though for another time, rep added

No worries. Believe it or not this is their low season as it's often 40 - 50 degrees at all times of the day. Each excursion we did we were back on the boat by midday because of the heat.

Being an aussie we're kinda used to the heat but ours is very humid. I actually handled 50 better in egypt then I did 35 at home!

Keep checking the site and maybe give them a call closer to their sailing times as they often slash prices at the last minute to fill spaces.

Also compare prices on [url]www.lastminute.com[/url] as they often show a discounted price.
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