Looking for a good deal on a LAPTOP. Please help. i'm new :)

    New to this site. Not sure how it works. However, i am in need of a new laptop ASAP! I have previously had a DELL INSPIRON.. which is utter $%^&!
    Only had it for over a year and it's just terrible!

    I don't know what to look for in a laptop though... however these are my requirements, if someone could PLS help me..

    I am willing to spend up to £350. and i don't want something that will over heat etc in a couple months. i also would want a bulit in webcam. But basically, i just want a GOOD DECENT laptop for that price.. (hopefully i can - "January Sales") i don't really understand RAM and GB's etc lol so i really don't know what i'm looking for.

    so pls pls pls help me.. i would really appreciate it! thanks


    I have just bought this one, I'd recommend it!!
    It's £379...…htm

    Have a look at this is a good spec for the price…336

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    does it come with any warranty?

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    is this a good laptop?…id=

    Packard Bell Easy Note BG45-U-300 Laptop for the Move


    Are you new to this country or this planet too?

    If buying new from a major retailer like Argos wouldn't you expect a warranty?

    You could just use the search thread on this website as it has been inundated with laptop deals the last few days...sorry, but really sometimes you have to do a bit of work yourself...

    Why is your Inspiron rubbish after a year? It's a good laptop, are sure it is not just clogged up with rubbish and viruses...if it was the hardware then are you saying it's broken? I suspect not...


    is this a good … is this a good laptop?[email protected]@@@[email protected]@@@&BV_EngineID=ccccadegdgjjmihcflgceggdhhmdgmk.0&page=Product&fm=null&sm=null&tm=null&sku=904068&category_oid=#productInformationSectionPackard Bell Easy Note BG45-U-300 Laptop for the Move£279.97

    There are better laptops about for a bit more cash but what is your current spec on your laptop
    have a look at this one for £343.85…652
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