Looking for a good deal on a quality compact camera.

    Hi everyone, I'm hitchhiking across Europe in a few weeks to raise money for charity and I'm looking for a camera to record the journey with.
    I don't mind paying a fair bit, but obviously I want a good deal. The most important criteria is great image quality i suppose, and also battery life. I like the look of Sony cameras, and have had good experiences with them in the past.
    If anyone has seen any good deals, or can recommend a good compact camera, I'd really appreciate it.



    Great website for reviews -…r-/
    that one looks like a good camera

    I have a sony dsc.... something 6 megapixel - it is absolutely brilliant, excellent battery life etc i think they can be bought quite cheaply now for a c 6 mp model.
    hope this helps

    Have a look at the Canon Powershot A720. Haven't found a great deal on one yet though. In fact they used to be £100 plus delivery from Koplety & Digicam shop at Amazon but have since risen in price.

    It might be worth thinking about what batteries you want to use. Cameras either take a custom Li-ion rechargeable battery, or standard AA batteries. If you think that you might not be able to charge up the camera for any length of time, then it might be worth looking for one that uses AA batteries. Decent NiMH rechargeable AA's will last quite a while, but if they do run out, you can use standard Alkaline AA's for a bit.

    If you're planning on staying somewhere with power each night, then you'll be fine with a Li-ion battery.

    I'd be inclined to agree with bootle buck, the Canon Powershot A720is is a nice camera with a decent image stabilised 6x optical zoom, and takes AA batteries.

    I have a Canon Ixus 850is . Good image , good battery life, good build quality.
    Also great for video - I have a 4Gb SD card.
    It also has 28mm - 135mm zoom. Most start at 35mm.

    Good luck.
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