Looking for a good deal on Portable External HDD


    I'm after a portable USB HDD around 350 to 500Gb with a good transfer rate. I know there's a 500Gb Lacie currently listed and a good price but I want one that doesn't need to be plugged in as I'll be swapping it between my laptop and PC a lot. I've also looked into the Lacie and it seems to have a fair few undesirable features.

    Does anyone know of any good deals?

    Thanks in advance, Andy


    Not sure if youll get a usb powered one for the that size to be honest, Ive just bought a WD 250gb portable one from Amazon for 90 quid thats the size f an old casstte case if that helps

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    So long as its powered via USB I'll be happy. Its mainly just for quick backups and porting data around. I was hoping to find 350Gb at least but 250Gb isn't bad, its still loads better than the 80Gb in my laptop.

    The WD passport mentioned above is good, usb bus powered & has some free sync software included too (based on dmailer software). I'vebought a few for work. It's got a 2.5" laptop drive inside so 250Gb is about the max at the moment. I've seen a 320Gb listed on-line for about £140 but don't know if it's actually released yet.
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