Looking For A Good Desktop PC Deal

Found 24th Feb 2011
Hi, there's been a load of laptop deals but very little desktop.

I need a decent spec, i3 up preferred with at least 4gb RAM, hard drive is flexible but 7200rpm speed and decent graphics with 2 x DVI inputs.
CF card reader would be good and USB 3.0 also.
Don't need blu ray just a standard DVD+/-
Not bothered about the rest, dont need a monitor, keyborad etc.
Maybe a good barebones deal with a good graphics card and USB 3.0 but have no experience with building a pc so all help is appreciated!
Cost, no more than £400!
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bunch on this site posted on here not long ago =]
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Thanks but that doesn't have decent graphics and probably wont have dual DVI and its standard USB 3.0
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