Looking for a good DSLR camera

    Have a budget of around £600-750
    Looking for a camera that will take good, professional looking snaps.
    Something that will work very well even at night (taking light shots and stuff).

    Preferred make would be Nikon but you guys are the experts so please advise which one I shoul get.



    Going Cheaper Than That The 450d Is A Very Good Camera Imo


    you should easily get a body for that - the A700 is within your budget, but what sort of budget do you have for lenses? Why would you prefer Nikon, do you already have lenses or anything? If you do then best to stick with the make you already have.

    You really want to have a walk down Jessops or somewhere first though and hold teh cameras, see what you like the feel of.

    I bought the d80 and would not swap it for anything, i went ball sout and got the speedlight too, a must buy

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    I bought the d80 and would not swap it for anything, i went ball sout and … I bought the d80 and would not swap it for anything, i went ball sout and got the speedlight too, a must buy

    The D80 seems to be the kinda of camera I am after. However, the D90 is due for release, which will replace this. Anyone know when the D90 is coming out in the UK ?

    I think it will be a few weeks yet? There is a lot of buzz about the D90, and if I had the money, that's what I would get . Personally I would stick with Canon or Nikon. Sony are catching up quickly tough...


    Its now a hefty budget and you will be able to get a decent camera for that amount of dosh. However, its the person behind the camera that makes or breaks the image! You will be able to purchase a really good camera, but unless you master both the camera, lighting and composition plus the knack for pressing the shutter at the right moment, you will achieve good shots but not spectacular.

    Dispensing with the negatives, what sort of thing are you hoping to achieve? "Professional" is quite a target!!!!

    dont forget that extras cost loads too, and to get the most out of your camera you need top extras too, the d90 looks awesome!!!!!

    take a look at the samsung gx-20. you can pick the twin lens kit up for £769 online plus there is £100 cash back offer at the moment. runs til the end of september. based on the pentax design. very good reviews. easy to use. i think it gets over looked!

    Something that's very important to bear in mind when choosing an SLR is that you're not just buying a camera, you're buying into a system which is difficult and usually costly to change. With this in mind, don't just look at the body look at the lenses particularly and the flashes. Have a think about sort of focal range you'd like then look to see what the system offers.

    You've mentioned a budget but it's a bit vague, is this for body only? What sort budget do you have for lenses and flashes? Are you planning continual investment or really looking for an all in one solution?

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