Looking for a good family PAYG SIM CARD deal. Any recomendations?

    I'm looking for a good PAYG sim card deals with at least 4 sim cards that can make call and text between each other for a very low price. Any recomendations would be appreciated.


    try vodafone..
    where they have a family offer...
    one person pays only a fiver a month and there is unlimited calls between the family..
    hope that solves the mystery :thinking:


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    Sounds like a good deal. I'll look into it. Thanks for the feedback!!

    Ikea also do a family mobile account where you can control the budgets set on each accout from one master account, so your kids don't overspend!

    Share unlimited* calls and texts between you and four of your family on T-Mobile for £5 per month.

    So your daughter can ring for a lift... again, so you can text your brain box cousin for the pub quiz answers, or just so your other half can remind you to feed the goldfish. Any of it sound familiar? With a little help from our new Family Booster, it's even easier to stay in touch with your family - plus it's great value too.

    Whoever sets up your Family Booster pays just £5 per month. And that £5 gets you and four of your family on T-Mobile unlimited* calls, texts and picture messages to share with each other.

    Your family members can be on any plan but the person who sets up the Family Booster (the organiser) needs to be on Combi, Flext or Solo. It's really easy to set up and look after your family group using My T-Mobile
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