looking for a good family tent any opinions

    hi we are looking for a good family tent there are 3 of us we already have 2 trips planned this year for september and intend to take it to france next year along with more uk weekends away i have seen the Coleman Evanston 6 for £170 anyone know if its good, any comments opinions welcome there seem to be so many to choose from i'm getting quite confused


    lol I was about to recommend to you the 3man tent Matalan have on half price for £15 X)

    We bought that and my son and his wee friend camped in our garden couple of weeks ago (albeit they only lasted till midnight!!)

    Was in B&Q this evening and all their camping gear, including tents, half price

    If you're serious about camping then you need to buy a good quality tent (e.g. outwell or vango); ther's plenty of bargains about on the internet.

    Also, if there's 3 of you buy at least a 4-man tent. When they say "3 man" they mean "3 man", as in "3 bodies can fit in but there's no room for anyone else or any kit".

    I would go for a tent where you can stand up inside it - 3 people wriggling about trying to get dressed/undressed/sort out kit/etc makes for an interesting party game but gets really annoying when you have to do it for more than a day or two!

    We have this tent. Theres 5 off us including the dog. Got everything you need really. The only trouble I had was getting everything back into the bag. Have had no trouble with leaks and have used it in the rain a few times.…tml

    I have a vango sungari 400, with the porch

    Plenty of space for the 2 and a half of us, plus u can stand in it (i'm 6ft 5)

    As said above I would go for vango or outwell, you will really notice the difference

    The main thing is to go for 5000 gauge fabric (can't remember what the term is). It will really be waterproof rather than just USUALLY waterproof. We have a 10-man Gelert tent which is nice and spacious for 2 adults and 2 kids. There is a payoff for having a big tent though - it takes longer to put-up and take-down. I wold be more inclined to go for a 6 or 8 if I were you. You also need to have a porch or awning as well because it's much more pleasant than being inside the tent on a warm day. Many of them have an "official" awning that you can buy that attaches to the tent properly. I also recommend that you get the fitted "carpet" for the living area. It's not really a carpet but it does mean you don't have to wear shoes inside the tent!


    The main thing is to go for 5000 gauge fabric (can't remember what the … The main thing is to go for 5000 gauge fabric (can't remember what the term is).

    It's sometimes called the hydrostatic head rating (HH rating). The tent needs a rating of at least 3000 if you want it to put up with UK weather, and anything higher is better!

    Original Poster

    hi i have been looking at the KHYAM QUEBEC 8 a little more than i wanted to pay but seems to be the quality and the layout we wanted, (room to take the grandparents to baby sit too always a plus)

    have you checked ebay? I bought either a 6 or 8 man tent (the ones with the lounge part and 2 bedrooms) for about £35 off ebay last summer

    bingo, it was this one http://****…d83

    I cant find the seller we got ours from but the link above is the exact tent. There were 6 of us sleeping in it and there was plenty of room for us and all our stuff. Also if youve got a makro near by pop in there because my brother had the same style one from there for £25 (i have tried looking on makro website but they dont show whats for sale) hope this helps

    This is a decent one (and gone further down in price since i first posted it)

    we recently bought a vango tent, very good quality and plenty of room for all of us, it's got a porch and it's high enough to stand up in

    this is a v500 vango, not sure if that exact model is available now but there will be something similar in their new range
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