Looking for a good graphics card (MAX £100)

    Hi. I'm looking for a Graphics card which is around £50, however if there is something exceptional out there, I'd be willing to pay upto £100.

    The main feature which I am looking for it to have a DVI and HDMI output, so that I can connect to a HD computer screen and HDTV at the same time..

    Thank you in advance.


    this wont help but what is a graphics card?

    Novatech GeForce 9800GT SLI 1GB GDDR3 TV-Out/DVI PCI-Express - Retail with PhysX, CUDA & 3D Stereo £98.31…GT1

    2x in sli runs ALL games 1960x1200.

    Or something a little cheaper, but still brill for 19" gaming,

    Novatech GeForce 9600GT SLI 1GB GDDR2 TV-Out/DVI PCI-Express - Retail with PhysX, CUDA & 3D Stereo £81.51…GT1

    Original Poster

    Hey. Thanks [email protected] for all the suggestions. TBH, I'm not really a PC gamer and am more after a graphics card that will support HDMI and DVI outs at the same time as I am more into watching HD videos.

    Are there any other graphics cards that are somewhat cheaper and satisfy my requirements?

    Once again, thanks!
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