Looking for a good kitchen radio...

    OK, so I like to listen to music while I'm doing the dishes or cooking. I'm looking for either an under-cabinet radio or something smallish I can sit on top on the fridge. For DAB I'd prefer mains power (they suck down batteries like candy) while I'm happy with batteries for a standard radio. MP3 a plus.

    As always, I'll throw around some kudos to those who help.


    I'd wait a while.
    From what I can gather, D.A.B will be phased out in the near future.
    Then again,if you have to have it,get a Pure, you cant go wrong:thumbsup:

    I've got a BUSH (yeah yeah yeah, don't bother posting the obvious lol)

    and it's great. I did pick it up from Sainsbury's for £20 a little while ago and also Woolworths had them too. They are small and neat and sit nicely on the mantelpiece in the kitchen, with a cord long enough to reach the socket. Try looking on woolies or sainsburys website to see if they have some. Unfortunately I can't find a picture and it maybe the have replaced it with a new one now.

    I have a PINK PURE ONE DAB RADIO in my kitchen.

    How about one of ]these? ;-)
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