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Found 27th Apr 2009
I've seen the deal at Additions Direct for the 30% off and was thinking of getting a laptop to get rid of my old Desktop but not sure on what to look for when getting a laptop. So basically just looking for advice or reccomendations.

My desktop is a pentium 4 3.2 GHz and i've had it for about 6 years now used to use it for gaming but now just use my PS3. All I need the laptop for is just for photo's and editing them, films and just browsing the net really, want something decent though with a good screen on it and good storage space.
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Laptops don't have good screens I'm afraid, you'll have to settle for passable if you decide to go for one.

For your use the specs are pretty much irrelevant, you'll want some basic ones like 2GB of ram so Windows Vista isn't sluggish but anything over £350-400 is going to have that. Really you want something with a good keyboard and trackpad, something that's doesn't run hot or make too much noise and something where the screen isn't too awful. Unfortunately, you can't tell any of these things from the specifications the manufacturer provides. Perhaps if you decide on a budget and what sort of size you want (bigger is heavier and less portable) then you can find reviews on the ones that are availible, or maybe someone else here can suggest which of the ones on offer are well built.
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