Looking for a good orthopaedic memory foam pillow

    I've been debating on whether to go with one of these:…603…293

    And then I stumbled upon the range of memory foam pillows at Argos but they are in the £2x region which is quite alot of £ for a pillow!

    There were some deals in the past for under a tenner for a good memory foam. I saw a few on amazon UK, but wonder how the quality is like?

    If there's anything for cheaper and someone can recommend is good, I'd love to get hold of one because my neck is killing me at night!


    I got two memory foam pillows at Lidl (oh the shame) for £10.00 each. They were on offer about 3 months ago but my local store still had some in stock. Well worth the money the quality of my sleep has really improved. If you do get one of those from Ikea I'd definately recommend the memory foam option.

    t j hughes had two memory foam pillows for £20.00. they do have a website

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    thanks guys! that's really helpful! I'll try em out
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