Looking For A Good Powerful Computer

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Found 26th Feb 2011
I`m looking for a good powerful multitasking comp.including gaming.Has anyone seen any good offers out there at the moment


What kinda Budget?

Original Poster

Up to £1200


Prepared to build your own (it's really easy)? If you are you will spend … Prepared to build your own (it's really easy)? If you are you will spend about £800 and get a system better than a prebuilt that would cost you £1200.

+1 (Your description is quite vague though, any type of desktop?)

generalised custom build desktop spec I recommend:

SandyBridge i5 or more
amd 5770 (great gfx card easy overclockable, plays latest games and is cheap it IS however a revision old but hey it's good)
get a expandable motherboard this should be roughly your most expensive component
get a quality built psu to basically protect investment...
Corsair/Seasonic/Antec (look for 80PLUS cert)

if you have any way of sourcing parts from the USA you can get some great hardware deals
(ie relative/friend brings home graphics card @£15 less etc) this while not much of a discount will still add up.

Fan cool too, water cooling while good isn't worth it, one fault and "bam" system down and insurance up.
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