Looking for a good quality (cheap price) microphone! WIRELESS is even better

    As the title says. I want it to be good quality for good price. No dealextreme please. If you could find me a good deal it would be nice...


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    I want one like this type...

    Goodmans GMM28RF Wireless Microphone

    Like this ?

    Product code - 82390115
    more than 10 in stock

    Was £20 Then £17.95 Then £14.95 Then £9.95 Now £5.95


    Product Information
    This handy Goodmans GMM28RF Wireless Microphone allows you the freedom to move around as you warble to your favourite songs. 2 channels minimises any interference & allows duets (extra microphone required).
    Cymbal, handclap and drumroll sound effects really add to the sense of theatre, and with a 30m range, you can really work your audience.

    Wannabe stand up comics will love the canned laughter and applause effects, especially if their routine isn't going terrifically well!

    The box contains:

    Headset mic

    Belt-clip transmitter

    Receiver plug

    User manual

    Key Features

    Battery lifeHow long the battery lasts for until it needs recharging 10 hours

    Brand Goodmans

    Compatible with Goodmans CDG karaoke system

    Dimensions H90 x W320 x D55mm

    Maximum rangeHow far away from its base the phone will pick up a signal (normally 300m outdoors) 30m

    Power supply 5 x AA (transmitter) 2 x AAA (receiver) (not included)

    Weight 0.15kg

    What site snowtiger?

    1 way UHF System you should be able to buy from a shop for about £75…322


    john lewis


    I want one like this type...

    Hi badmanmeow- the mike in your picture is a Shure PG48 - I use them as my main singer mikes when I do Pro karaoke & they are pretty good. Expect to pay anything from £45 up for this particular mike. A lot more if you want a wireless version. Have a look on eBay as some of the eBay shops have good deals- I got mine on offer for £29 each last year & that included cables, carry-case & delivery!

    If you let me know what you want the mike for ( vocals, PA etc) I will have a scout round all my equipment suppliers in the next day or two. Let me know roughly what you wanna spend as well.

    Like most things though - you get what you generally pay for, but there are deals to be had.

    Shure SM-58 = Best live performance microphones period. Industry Standard.
    Cost about £70-£80

    Save a bit more and get the best of the best

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    Thanks guys! But i think I'll go for goodmans one. It's amazing value for money!

    Lol for a reason.
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