Looking for a good tv sub-£500

    My mother is looking at buying a new tv for the living room. It will be used for watching Sky tv, don't need it for Xbox or Blu-rays really. Been looking at the Samsung ones and Sony ones. There seem to be loads of 32inch Samsung ones, all different models, same goes for Sony. It's hard to know what the difference is between all of these ones with the same screen size.

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    You should take into consideration that the tech inside all LCD 32"tv's tend to be the same no matter the manafacturer, the only thing you will really lose with getting cheap branded stuff is maybe not so good warranty support etc. I bought a Hanspree 32" tv last year for £270 from savastore and have not had one dead pixel or issue using it as a screen for HTPC which is on all the time and screen quality is top notch and has 5ms response time which is great for games.
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