Looking for a good VCR / DVD Recorder, anybody know of any?

    not that im still an old-school VCR user lol its for my dad who cant seem to understand how to record on to a DVD after hours of tuition! (from yours truly).

    so ive given up and now looking for a DVD / VCR Combo recorder, if anybody knows of any please can you direct me in the right direction as i have not touched a VCR Machine since DVDs came out lol


    p.s just been looking around on ebay and amazon and can only seem to find B-grade stock, ex-displays and Refurbs, so im not too bothered even if it is but as long as it comes with a warranty then im cool with that.

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    I don't know if you happen to have a store nearby, but The Original Factory shop, had stock of a good looking DVD / VCR combination, I think it was an LG or Samsung (sorry to sound vague, I noticed it on a visit to one of their stores whilst on holiday 2 weeks ago, so didn't really get a chance to look at it properly).I might be wrong, but I'm pretty sure the price was £29.99, and remember thinking it would be good for my caravan to save space.

    They have a website, which shows where their stores are around the country, and hopefully their contact details, so perhaps you could find out.The store I visited was Mablethorpe, where my caravan is, and they had quite a few in stock.Again, sorry if I've got any of these details wrong, but worth a call I'd say!

    My dad had some drama videos he wanted to watch, and I got him a new VCR from this same store just before Christmas, I think it was a Funai and that was only £15!.I presume it was a grade A, or refurb, but it was boxed and sealed like a new machine, with sealed instructions etc, and he was very pleased with it.

    Anyway good luck! :thumbsup:
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