Looking for a graphics card to play 1080 video

    My on board graphic chip stutters slightly on 1080p video.

    Can anyone suggest a budget card that will play HD video fine and has a DVI or preferable a HDMI connector.

    It needs to be PCI-E, quiet and not need any additional power supply



    I've got a 8800gt and that is fine.
    If you have a good enough CPU then you won't need a dedicated graphics card? I think

    Playing video is a CPU task not a graphics card one, the only assistence a graphics card will provide is help decoding certain codecs (H.264 and VC-1) which are used for some HD video such as blu-ray disks. If you want perfect playback of all 1080p content then you need a better CPU.

    If you do just want it for those codecs accelerated by the graphics card then most of them will do - an ATI 4350 is a good choice as it's cheap and can provide audio over hdmi without additional cables.

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    Thanks for the tips guys.

    It is mainly H(X).264 compressed video I am trying to play. Mainly I just need need a cheap card less than £50 that has DVI or HDMI ports

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    ]Clicky hope it helps

    Perfect thanks


    Perfect thanks

    your welcome
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