Looking for a HD TV for PS3

    My 28" widescreen tube has bit the dust, so looking into getting a HD TV for my PS3.

    Budget's around £400, though i may go slightly above that.

    Looking at no bigger than 32", may go for 26" if the price is right. I've measured the width of the area i'm putting it and i could (in theory) fit 37". It's for a bedroom.

    Need at least 1 HDMI output (for PS3) and 2 scart sockets (more the better).

    Built in digital tuner (to future proof it, if you like).

    And a cheap HDMI cable for my PS3.

    Doesn't really matter if it's 720 or 1080, though 1080 would be nice, i'm not expecting miracles with my budget.

    My dad claims to have seen a 40" HD tv being advertised as "coming soon" in Aldi? Any ideas on the spec and price for that? I've checked the website but nothing on there.

    Cheers for the help if you find anything! :thumbsup:


    The 32inch Samsung R87/R88 can be picked up for around £450 - it has a special gaming mode and is a good telly.....

    How far from the tv will you be sitting? that should really determine the telly size rather than what will fit in the gap :thumbsup:

    Original Poster

    Just measured, i'll be about 5-6 feet away from the tv.

    £450 seems a bit much (for me anyway) but i'll google it and have a look on various sites. Cheers.

    The reason I mention the Samsung is that it has a good reputation for the money. If you go for the 26" version then this is typically around the £400 mark so you'd get a lot more telly for £50 more.

    This is a useful site for price comparisons but tends to concentrate on brand names.…400

    If you're after real cheapies then ones like Elonex, Hannspree, Orion, Mirai are the ones to look at.

    Its up to you if you want to sacrifice screen quality for a bigger screen but just remember you'll be staring at it for a long time.
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