Looking for a laptop £200-299

    After searching all the forums i'm still looking for a NEW laptop which has

    Minimum : Intel dual core/intel core 2 duo processor, 80gb hdd, 15" screen
    preferably one which has linux (as i already have winxp cd) , if not winxp will do.

    Its mainly for browsing the net and NOT for games.. I'm not looking for a netbook, but a proper laptop..

    for now this is the best deal i can find :…gle


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    just incase your notaware., the computer will be illegally licensed if you do not have the sticker affixed to your new pc. the stickers are not transferable from your old pc's, and your can only use n oem cd if the unit your buy in brand new and unused. if it is an old pc you buy you must by retail license.
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