Looking for a Laptop

    Hi guys,

    I'm currently looking for a laptop. I would like it to be able to run office apps and photoshop easily and play something like world of Warcraft comfortably.

    It must have. Good keyboard and nice screen plus not too heavy. Looking to spend about £300

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    best bet is to buy something 2nd hand but higher spec.

    I recently purchased a dell with a I7 3940XM cpu, 8gb ram and a good spec AMD graphics card. you need to spend some time researching what you want, but i found the 3940 to be the best investment of the lot (yes it is very old, but there are very few processors in the affordable range which will be that). The biggest improvement you'll find is a decent SSD, unless of course it comes with one.

    It comfortably plays CS GO and Diablo 3.

    I'd be looking for a laptop with 3720, 3740, 3820, 3840, 3920 or 3940. I wouldn't get too hung up on power consumption, the modern cpu's do use less power, but i comfortably get 3-3.5 hours use out of my laptop wihtout it being charged.

    I'd avoid thinkpads after having personally had a problem with a motherboard fuse fault (light the back led for the screen). fixable, but at £70-100.
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