looking for a laptop any help greatly appreciated

Posted 30th Oct
Hi all, I am looking to buy a laptop for home use but I am a little clueless? Mainly to use for standard work/internet use and maybe some light game playing (minecraft etc...)....

I currently have an ASUS i5 5200 2.2ghz, 8gb but its become increasingly slow...I found the 2 below, but not sure if they are any good?




Do either of these look good? Or what would be a good alternative?
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Hi again all, still not sure what to get...I have the following on the list, Some are cheaper, but the money isnt that important (would prefer under £500 or not much over), just not sure which one is best...some light gaming, mostly used for net, YouT etc.... Has to be fast...cant stand hanging around to open tabs etc...

1. ebuyer.com/883…als

2. cclonline.com/pro…25/

3. currys.co.uk/gbu…Ltd

Are any of these good and if so which one is the best one ?


What’s the budget
Your existing CPU is till fine, but probably not for gaming
If can you install a SSD yourself if you use it for browsing
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I've been looking for a laptop for a few people in my family recently. One that i've seen as they've had a budget of around £350 is something like Laptop - Although it depends what you'd want to do but an initial thing might be to see through resource monitor on your computer what the performance is like and what component is making the pc run slow for you. It could be something like getting an SSD and installing it inside might give you the boost that you need.
go for Ryzen 5 if you want to do light gaming.

Lenovo V155 with 3rd gen R5 is at same price

HP 255 Ryzen 5 2500U is cheaper somewhere else

If you can spend £500, consider MEDION AKOYA P6645 as it has IPS display & 3 year warranty
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cerys.cooper30/10/2019 11:10

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What are you talking about? The specifications of the machine denote the performance in any given application, not the brand
Do a fresh install or install a SSD (if you've not done so already) with a fresh install if you want to spend the minimum.
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Thanks for the sugesstions guys n gals...also forgot to mention, in addition to the general slowdown, my charging socket is a little more than temperamental as is the keyboard...The S doesnt work unless I Smash it with my finger.....rather irritating....
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