Looking for a Laptop around £400 for University

Found 27th Nov 2017
Hi there, looking for suggestions on a laptop or rather to dig up any good deals people have found.

I'm in the market for a laptop for university, I'm in 4th year doing a computing and need something for some virtualization coursework which needs doing in class rather than on my Desktop at home, mainlyng VirtualBox or possibly Qemu/KVM from a dual boot

since it'll be running VMs, and doing other computery stuff, I'd reckon 8GB of ram is a must, and most definitely a dual cored processor of some sort so that the VMs aren't running like Windows 2000

storage isn't a massive problem, it'd be nice to have a SSD + a HDD but since alot of the VMs will be stored on my external HDs then the main storage of the PC will be for OS and some files

anyone got any leads? I seen the Acer one posted recently and I'm on the fence about the processor, and the Lenovo Idea pad at Currys for 449 but I struggled to find any reviews on the machine

cheers for any help
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