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Found 11th Jan 2015
The vast majority of my laptop use is for work, which includes internet access, the use of Word, etc. I do however also want a laptop I can use to play more basic games such as Minecraft, Prison Architect, etc.

I do not need to be able to run FarCry 4 (or 3) or anything close to that. The processor would need to beat a T8300 which is in my current laptop. It is to replace the laptop that I currently cannot take travelling with me due to a problem with the hardware that stops my battery from charging (meaning that I cannot take it on a plane anymore.)


To be honest anything nowadays will beat a T8300, unless you spend less than £200 and get something like an Intel Celeron N2920.
On the graphics front though you can play Minecraft on integrated graphics, like the Intel 4400, but you would need to make sacrifices with regards to graphics quality (so you won't be able to play on high). Maybe have a look for a laptop with dedicated graphics and see where it comes on this benchmark list:


£300 laptop and graphics in that are #114, compared to Intel 4400 (which is towards the top of integrated graphics) which comes in at #287 on the list.
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