Looking for a Lenovo X220 Replacement

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Found 4th Jan
Hi Folks

I'm looking for a replacement for my now broken Lenovo X220

I need it to be the same portable size (11-13" Screen) i5 or i7

Any one suggest a laptop from todays modern stuff that will be as sturdy as a X220?



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i got a refurb x230 from here, was like new and way better than the consumer grade units you get for the same money

As sturdy is going to be hard as the trend for thinner (& cheaper) means the robustness of newer laptops has gone down.
X230 or X240 would be fairly similar though.
Others to consider are HP Elitebook 820 G1/G2, or the Dell Latitude E7240/E7250/E7270.
The Elitebook has a nice service door but the hinges are max 140° rather than the 180° of the Thinkpads.
The Dells I have seen cheap on CEX. Well, cheap if you can get vouchers at 80% face value and trust CEX to be able to describe something or even get the model number right.

Ebay x230 i have one solid and not to thick/chunky

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Cheers guys, The X230 looks great, however having trouble finding one on ebay that is unmarked for a reasonable price, almost all of them are refurbs with marking.
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