Looking for a lock for gate bolt that won't rust

Posted 12th Jun
Looking for a medium or long sized key activated lock for a back gate bolt that won't seize or rust up from the weather yet doesn't cost an arm and a leg!

I'm onto my 2nd or 3rd one in 5 years and it's taking the wee!

May purchase these if I can't find a better one (will measure before buying) amazon.co.uk/Smi…ZV6
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Yes, just buy any weatherproof padlock that has a barrel cover. Also, an easy way to avoid this happening on any lock - fill the key barrel and shackle with vaseline. It'll keep moisture out. I do the same with satellite dish LNB connectors before tightening them up. Dip the cable end in the jar...
The low cost Abus locks often have a reasonable reputation such as the 41, 65 and 701B. They come in different sizes denoted by the number after the dash, e.g. 41/50 is the 50mm-class variant of the 41.

Random chinese brand locks like the one you linked that go overboard with covers, plastic coating and so on at a very low price I'd expect to be junk. The reviews on amazon for the same lock under a different brand mention it's so badly constructed the rain goes in through the top and can't drain out:
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