Looking for a lovely new computer chair

    Too many mince pies meant that my chair broke in the christmas festivities... I've seen a deal with viking direct but on trying to buy the deal is discontinued. Anyone got any other links for some cracking chairs nice and cheap?



    Welcome to HUKD + thanks for the post

    Those mince pies have a lot to answer for eh?

    I've just tried Viking website + it looks as if the deal on Boss leather chairs is on!


    That link should take you directly to the offer £29.99p. Don't forget a free gift option [look in the forum for the previous offer, I think there were a few choices of gift].

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    I've tried again and it adds to the basket but when i sign in it then says:

    "Quantity Viking Number Reason
    1 Q24-BOSS We're sorry, this product has been discontinued and is no longer available for order.
    Try using the Product Search to find a suitable replacement or call Freephone 0800 424444 for further assistance. "

    I have a business login - can someone else confirm this is expired please?


    Hi Delerium,

    You can check out Rayman's thread in the Hot Deal forum here:…tml

    I tried the link in that thread and it adds to basket and goes to checkout fine for me. Rayman posts the catalogue number as Q23-BOSS in that thread instead of the Q24-BOSS that seems to be showing for you. I also noticed that when I added it to my basket it states the number as V24-BOSS. On the left hand side of the Viking pages there is a blue bar that says Order by Catalogue Number, you can click there and try these catalogue numbers directly.

    Let us know what happens!

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    Done some more digging on this. It seemed when I logged into my business account it gave me the 'deal no longer available' message immediatley. Ok fine... so I logged out and went through all the motions of doing a residential account and it let me add it but right when I was clicking go to place the order, the 'deal no longer available' message appeared... so looks like its gone


    [color=darkblue]I think you might need to use the other code [as Admin says above]

    Q24-BOSS or use the link directly here:[/color] [color=blue]CLICK HERE DIRECT TO CHAIR[/color]

    [color=darkblue]Just tried it again myself + it's working fine from here logged in or not. I even got to the point where I could have submitted my payment to buy it.

    Let us know if the direct link isn't working please.[/color]

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    1 Q24-BOSS We're sorry, this product has been discontinued and is no longer available for order.
    Try using the Product Search to find a suitable replacement or call Freephone 0800 1971747 for further assistance.

    Still the same sadly no matter how I do it or which code i use.


    Only other thing I suggest, is that you give them a call. They've got an excellent customer service [last time I called them they were very helpful].

    I don't know why it's not working for you as I'm still able to add it from the link above + get to the payment stage.

    It doesnt work for me either

    I get to the payment stage, but then it tells me that it has been discontinued.

    Send them a nice email or give them a ring

    Very strange, I ordered one of these (+ free Cafe Espresso Machine) yesterday (21st) at about 9/10 pm using my business account I have with them.

    What was the exact code you used for the chair ??


    It was Q24-BOSS, i think i followed the link given in one of the posts above

    Q24-BOSS still works, as does the above link.

    Have you tried searching for Boss in the general search box? That will bring up a couple of items but only one chair item [I think]

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    sadly it doesnt matter which link I choose it still says this is discontinued

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