Looking for a Macbook

    I'm looking for a macbook to do a bit of this n that on. I'm not a student, and I'm looking for a dead good price on a new one, I want the multitouch trackpad etc, also want 4gb ram.

    Are there any good deals or tips on this? Does anyone know if the aluminium model is worth it compared to the new white one?



    I bought a 2.4 macbook al with 4 gig ram, 320 hd etc. Had to send it back as had problems with LED screen(apparently some have problems and get headaches with it).

    Got myself the white updated one(9400 graphics card) updated the ram and harddrive myself(got it two days ago) and love it.

    Highly recommend the white one.

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    Would you say there's much difference between the white one and the aluminium? Even for things like upgraded hdd and ram?

    Difference's are - Aluminium has ddr3 ram, but so far not noticed a diff in this. It has potential brighter screen(so bright its blinding on max lol), Thiner(because LED lights) so slightly lighter. The track pad is nice on the aluminium one but thats about it.

    Oh white macbook has firewire, i dont care about this as never used it but i believe its a big thing to some people. Basically i do not miss the aluminium one at all apart from the all in one trackpad and the "its so smooth and pretty" case :P
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