Looking for a MacBook - not sure what price to hold out for..?

Posted 14th Mar
I'm looking for one to replace my current laptop which is being returned due to glitchy GPU issues. (Huawei Matebook D)

I've been slowly making a move to Apple over the last few years, starting from iPhone and recetnly getting an iPad for on the go. I like the shared hardware features offered by Apple so have decided for a MacBook.

it will be for 80% for Outlook, desktop apps and internet browsing.. so I don't need anything high end. Does anyone know what are good prices for Macs to be looking for and what exact models should be good picks?
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are you looking at new or second hand?

i have a 5 year old macbook air which is just as good now as when i bought if from new so they have longevity with the updates they provide.

I also use mine for what you plan to use yours for.

If you are looking for new you are likely to pay over 1k in the UK.

You can always check the Apple site for refurbished and clearance apple.com/uk/…hed
stock is for ever changing. You can usually save 1/2 hundred £.

They also offer a trade in although they will offer you next to nothing.

They are expensive but last a lot longer than non Apple laptops.

The other thing to consider is (subject to the travel problems/restrictions with Covid19) is to get one from abroad avoiding VAT. If you go on hols or travel for business. I bought mine from America and saved £250.

Also check out Apple Stormfront shops, certified Apple shops. Occasionally they have interest free deals. At the moment they have an easy upgrade offer. stormfront.co.uk/eas…de/

Go for one....you will never look back.
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