Looking for a Match Attax deal. HELP!!!

    My son has come home from school and is now begging for Match Attax. I grew up in the States so know very little about this. Also are there any good deals out there for these? HELP!!!



    simply football collector cards, newsagents sell the books to save the cards in and card packs at £1 per 5 cards, also some well known sites there are kids selling :swaps: where you may get a numer of cards cheaper. hope this helps.

    Match Attax are collector cards for Football teams.

    They come in packets of 6 for 50p from Tesco - Wh Smith or local Newsagents.

    There are over 300 to collect so can get expensive.

    There are special cards which are rare and can be valuable.

    Start with the Binder pack at £4.99 this gives them somewhere to store and explains how to play the game with the cards.

    Good Luck.…ax/ - i ordered the started pack for my son last week - £4.99 free delivery. also the cards are hard to get in the shops round here at moment so may be worth ordering some on line as well.

    Check out ebay for starter packs. The conventions are worth going to to swap with some major players in the collector market. Asda also do starter packs (sold out now) when they first come out in October 2 x 60 card packs for £6.

    Also if you buy the collectors tin £8.99 you get 65 cards with that, at
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