Looking for a Micro SD card I think....

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Found 23rd Aug 2007
im getting the K800i and I was wondering if they took Micro SD or nomral SD cards.

cheapest i saw is 2gb @ play.com @ £17.99


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oh must of been a diff one then. thanks for that link mate. Can anyone confirm if that will work on a K800i


According to mymemory the K800i uses memory stick micro (m2):


m8, Sony Eric. K800i wont support SD (any forms) at all.. It will support only Memory stick Micro only...
please find link for actual specification for k800i... sonyericsson.com/spg…407

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thanks for that GETKNK and Bingsly rep added!

I wasent to sure what they used, thanks

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anyone know the cheapest place i can get one? I assume ebay 2gb

£18.99 delivered at mx2 for a 2gb. I'd wait and see what others find before buying, just in case:


How much is it in ebay?

Memory Stick (MS) micro is bit costly, as its not way popular now. The best way to check is the symbol M2 in the MS cards.

In amazon, 2GB costs around 18.5quid (including p&P) (if its less than ebay)

You can find many others (M2) by just searching for "memory stick micro m2" in amazon Electronics section...

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thanks guys, there about £18 on ebay as well. think ill get it for Amazon then thanks

Yea I'd take the amazon one too, hate ebays cards normally fake


thanks guys, there about £18 on ebay as well. think ill get it for Amazon … thanks guys, there about £18 on ebay as well. think ill get it for Amazon then thanks

After seeing the auction prices recently on eBAY for 1GB and 2GB M2 cards I am astonished so many people pay a few £'s more on eBAY than shops in the channel islands and shops like PLAY.COM including postage. My last two purchases on eBAY shipped in from Fast East turned out to be SLOOOOOOW memory, 30-50% slower than the real manufacturer's product. How do I know? I benchmarked them with the real memory. So since a year ago I stopped buying on eBAY and instead buy from ebuyer, 7dayshop,my memory.com. So right now it is counter productive to buy memory from eBAY. Another thing with fake memory is that they have much bigger difference between read and write speed which for the genuine memory the difference is much smaller. A real hassle to return stuff back to supplier.

Use mymemory.com voucher code for Sandisk M2 ( 10% off). The standard speed Sandisk M2 writes at 2-3 MB/s so if you take it out of the K810i it will write and read much faster in an external USB 2 flash card reader.
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