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Found 17th Sep 2007
Hi everyone,

I'm a long-time lurker and occasional poster. I thought I'd ask this here as it seems like people can be very helpful, and I'm in need of some guidance!

I need a new laptop. I currently rely on my work-provided one for web browsing etc when I'm at home, but I finish my job at the end of the week and they want it back. I also have a very old (first generation) Tablet PC at home, which is good for nothing except storing my music and photos on.

Here are my criteria:

[* A nice fast processor (I'm thinking Core 2 Duo 2Ghz - is this reasonable?) and 2GB RAM
[* Decent-sized hard drive for my music and Microsoft bloatware (may get a separate external drive instead)
[* Reasonable keyboard (I do a fair bit of typing) and I'd prefer a nipple-type mouse to a touchpad (though it's not a deal-breaker)
[* DVD writer
[* A reasonable screen (widescreen if poss)
[* Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and an SD card reader
[* Some sort of HDMI / DVI out would be nice, for connection to my telly
[* Although I'm not a gamer, I'd like a reasonable graphics card, without shared memory if possible

I'm not so fussed about battery life or the size of the thing, though I don't want a behemoth of a laptop (I need to be able to use it sat up in bed without my legs hurting after half an hour!)

No brand snobbery here either, though I've used Toshibas and Acers in the past and liked them both. I've been looking at something like the Aspire AS5633WLMi and my budget is up to about £700 (I guess I could push it a bit more for something special).

Any and all suggestions welcome. I used to be really clued-up about this stuff, but having not bought a PC for five years, I'm a bit behind the times.

Apologies for the lengthy post, and thanks in advance for any help I get!


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