Looking for a mobile phone deal...

    I am desperate to find a mobile phone deal that I can move two current contracts to. Both contracts are costing me £200 + per month and I have finally decided to give myself a kick up the bum to try to save some money.

    Both phones are used alot and I would ultimately like contracts that offer plenty of free minutes and ideally unlimited text messages. If decent phones come hand in hand I would be equally happy.

    Both phones were originally purchased through carphone warehouse and one is with vodafone and the other with O2.

    Any help/advice would be gratefully received and I'm sure other users would also find any information posted invaluable.

    I am not scared off by cash back deals and am sure some of the experts out there will be able to help me (and others) out.

    Thank you in advance!:thumbsup:


    I would probably go with 1 of the Three offers ie £15 for life for 500 minutes per month. Or 750 minutes, 150txt's for £28pm for life with a brand new LG Shine U970 phone

    They also do 1000 min contracts also…omp

    The imp't point to note is that when you're out of the 3 reception area it reverts back to O2 as a provider. Unfortunately there is a few secs delay which can cause a loss of call whilst this trf over happens!

    Overall can't fault 3 on their prices but c/svce is poor

    If you require 900mins plus i would say 1 of the T-Mobile tarriffs such as Flext 35 (18mth contract) £35pm again with a Free LG Shine. This tarriff is flexible in that you can swap call minutes for txt's & vice versa.…b=3

    Hope some of that helps

    Just a few questions -
    1) How are the phones used - just domestic or int'l and do they have a lot of use just simply calling between these two phones.

    2) Give a rough approx of mins/text split.

    Apologies if this seems unhelpful - there's just so many tariffs suited to so many different types of use - that its useful to find out how the phone is used.

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    Thanks for the information theonlytazman, I will have a look and see if the options suit.

    charliebrown - All the calls would be domestic and there would be minimal calls between the phones. I suppose I would like 1000mins and unlimited texts, but perhaps I am looking for too much.

    The phone itself is not a huge issue - just looking for the best contracts available!

    For that type of contract I would look at E2Save (relatively safe cashback - they are part of CPW). An added plus is £46.50 back through Quidco per contract till tomorrow. So another £2.50 a month off - they're both 18 mth contracts.

    Have a look at
    for £50 a month 1200mins 500txts (after cashback £22.78)

    for £45 a month 900 mins unltd txts (after cashback £25.44pcm)

    Monthly charge £35
    Contract length 18 months

    600 minutes any network anytime
    1000 text

    and the choice of either free calls every saturday, sunday and monday or free text during those three days.


    loads of free phones on offer. no cashback but your bills should be alot lower. Ps Quidco!!!

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    Thanks for all your help, I eventually went for the following deal which Charliebrown helped me with:…0CL

    900mins - Unlimited texts - free nokia 6300 for £20/month for 18 months.

    Really pleased - Thanks!
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